Muscular Myths

“Oh, I only do cardio–I don’t want to bulk up.”

“Chicks who lift weights look manly.”

Ever hear either of these two quotes, or something similar? Let me tell you: people who say things like this really burn my biscuits.

Developing strong muscles has a lot of benefits, including a higher metabolic rate while at rest (you burn calories more easily), bone/joint support, better posture, and overall health. Not to mention, toning certain body parts (my favs are back, shoulders, glutes, and legs) can give you a shaplier body that looks banging in just about anything (seriously, my burlap sack has never looked better). Check out this link from for some more information on muscular development in women.

Just because you are lifting heavy or lifting at all doesn’t mean you are going to get a square jaw and have muscles coming out the wazoo. Most people, first of all, don’t have the discipline to develop the muscles that come out of the wazoo; second of all, if you lay off the juice, O.J., your jaw will be fine. Extremely muscular women have been working to have that physique–it wasn’t some accident because they did some heavy deadlifts at the gym one day!

Let’s take a look at a few chicks who lift:

Crystal Cunard, Kazia Sitarz, and Leigh Brandt (top to bottom) None of these are my photos–they were found on Google and I will be pleased to credit whomever took them. My google search was IFM Hot & Fit 100.

Don’t lift weights, seriously. Why would anyone want to look like those three?