Track and Field

I ran at the track today; I did sprints, jogging, walking, squats, lunges, and some yoga. While I was there, I was thinking about Georges St. Pierre (see photo below, for those of you living under a rock; photo courtesy of:


Why was I thinking about a UFC fighter? What does it have to do with a bikini competition?

Georges St. Pierre trains with the Canadian Track & Field team. He does gymnastics. While these activities are obviously good for his fitness, shouldn’t he be focusing on fighting? What I got thinking about was how the variety in his workouts not only challenges his muscles, endurance, and coordination, but they provide him with an advantage over his competition by providing him with a deeper knowledge of his body’s potential…maybe that’s a bit flighty, but I think it’s a psychological tool, too..”I can do anything.”

I got thinking about what sorts of activities would challenge my mind and body in preparation for the next competition. What would be new? What would excite me? I don’t have answers yet, but I’ll be looking for them over the next 10 weeks.