Meal Preparation



Today I prepared my meals (and my partner’s) for the next 4 – 5 days. 

Meal 2: Chicken breast (seasoned with cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder, and chili powder) and [barely] steamed broccoli (Calories = 174; Carbs = 12g; Protein = 28g)

Meal 3: Salad (strawberries, walnuts, spinach, yellow peppers, 2 tsp homemade balsamic vinaigrette) (Calories = 300; Carbs = 23g; Protein = 6g)

Meal 4: Greek yogurt with chocolate whey powder (Calories = 250; Carbs = 24g; Protein = 41g)

Meal 5: Protein shake (Calories = 160; Carbs = 5g; Protein = 30g)

Meal 6: Tuna salad, using only 1/2 the amount of light mayo, celery, onions, pickles, dijon (Calories = 145; Carbs = 3g; Protein = 21g)

My first meal of the day is not prepared; the plan is an egg white (1/2 cup) omelette with avocado, spinach, and salsa and 1/3 cup steel cut oats (Calories = 416; Carbs = 53g; Protein = 27g)

Totals: Calories = 1441; Carbs = 120g; Protein = 153

I’m also taking a good multivitamin; zinc; calcium-magnesium; fish oils; creatine; and L-carnatine at various intervals throughout the day; BCAAs during my workouts.

I will be aiming to get my carbs down below 100g for next week.


Up and Running

So I switched to my tried, tested, and true trainer. I’m really happy I did that. I’m in the gym 9 x per week and the program is amazing, so far. I’ve been able to complete the workouts, but they are very challenging. My diet has improved dramatically (with the exception of a bender at a staff party on Monday and the hangover breakfast of brownies that happened on Tuesday).

My supplement regime has been tweaked to include magnesium, zinc, DHAAs (in serious quantities), and still includes BCAAs, whey powder, and a multi-vitamin.

I was pinched and weighed on Monday–14.7% body fat (goal is 10% – 12%); 142lbs.

The Program:

Sunday – Off
Monday – chest/back + muay thai
Tuesday – plyo/core
Wednesday – arms/shoulders + muay thai
Thursday – intervals + additional cardio
Friday – legs
Saturday – intervals + additional cardio

I am feeling really good. Really, really good.


Okay, so I’ve been back to the gym for two weeks. I’m recording what I’ve been eating and my diet has been improving drastically. I’m becoming a well-oiled machine. It’s time to get back into the habit of taking supplements.

1. Post-workout protein. I’ve always been pretty dilligent about taking a shake or having some chicken or fish at the ready, but I’m going to kick it into high gear and really be mindful of the importance of fast-digesting protein. I will be using a whey protein isolate, yogurt, milk/water, and berries or a banana for my homemade shakes. These are more cost-effective than pre-mixed.

2. Omega-3. 2 x 1000mg softgells with each meal. That’s all there is to it.

3. Multivitamin. Working out can be stressful on the body–to ensure I’m running with all cylinders, a multivitamin is important.

4. BCAAs. Branch chain amino acids have been recommended before, during, and after my workouts. I have 3 giant bottles, so that works out well. These are fast absorbing proteins that aid in recovery and muscle growth. I will admit to seeing better results with arms and abs when I was regularly taking BCAAs with my workouts.