Thursday Inspiration: Ashley Horner

Yes, originally I was biased toward posting about Ashley Horner because obviously her name is awesome (my last name is Horner, I haven’t met very many Horners), but she does the name proud! She is amazingly fit, inspirational, and a totally dedicated hardbody. I follow her Instagram feed, but you can check out her website here.

Not only does Ashley contribute to MMA Uncaged and Fit & FIrm, but she is busy building a brand that is as stellar as her body; she has training programs, nutrition programs, life coaching services, and cookbooks. What is even more impressive is that Ashley is a single mother of two boys. 

Every moment has a purpose. We are given 1,440 minutes in a day, these minutes can not be put in a savings account and they don’t roll over to the next day, once that moment has passed we cant take it back.

                           –Ashley Horner


I found this image online doing a Google search, it’s not mine, I didn’t take it and I will gladly give credit to the person who took it. I have not altered it in any way–she just looks that good! 🙂


Mojo Returns!

I’ve gotten my mojo back!

This past week, something has inspired me. I’ve read that champions are not made during the holiday season, and that may be true, but I’ve definitely felt more myself this week than I have in awhile.

Three major causes of the turnaround:

1. My partner is competing in a martial arts tournament at the end of January, so he is dropping 20lbs to compete in a different weight-class. I figure I have about 20lbs to drop to get to competition weight. What a happy coincidence.

2. Again, my partner is not just a supporter, but a great motivator: my Christmas gifts were one-month unlimited hot yoga; coaching sessions with a bikini pro (someone I admire very much and is regularly featured in the health/fitness/meathead magazines I read and subscribe to); and Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s biography. I can’t think of a more inspiring set of gifts!

3. I’ve offered to start training a friend of mine, pro bono, to help her prepare for a trip she’s taking in May. I’m so excited to help her get started on her health and fitness goals! I’m building her a program this week and then we’re getting together to discuss, tweak, and get-started. I’m very much a practice-what-you-preach person–so I’d better start adhering to my health and fitness philosophies, if I’m going to be coaching someone else.

My next post, I’m going to share the program I’m building for my friend–stay tuned!


Inspiration: Justine Munro

Justine Munro is not only built, she’s Canadian!

 Just a few accomplishments…

  • 2012 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro – 2nd Bikini
  • 2012 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow – 6th Bikini
  • 2012 IFBB Pro Bikini – 2nd Bikini
  • 2011 IFBB Olympia – 10th Bikini
  • 2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow – 3rd Bikini
  • 2011 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure and Bikini
  • 2011 IFBB Arnold Classic – 8th Bikini
  • 2010 IFBB Fort Lauderdale Pro – 2nd Bikini
  • 2010 CBBF Canadian National Figure, Fitness & Masters Championships – 1st Bikini Tall & Overall (Pro Card)
  • 2010 OPA Ontario Provincial Championships – 1st Bikini Tall & Overall

And this weekend, Justine placed 8th in the Las Vegas Olympia.

Friday Inspiration: Nathalia Melo

Nathalia Melo’s Video Blog #9

Today I’m feeling pumped: next Monday marks the beginning of the 10-week process of getting me into first-place bikini shape. To commemmorate this occasion, I’ve chosen Nathalia Melo as this post’s inspiration…she’s got some serious on-stage swagger and pretty much the hottest bod out there. You can read an interview with her, from, HERE.



Friday Inspiration

In light of the fact that I neglected to post my usual Tuesday Inspiration post, today’s will be SUPER inspirational:


My personal favourite ladies featured on this list are:

Miryah Scott and Allison Ethier

I picked these two from the line-up because not only do they have rockin’ bodies, but they do not have HUGE boobs. Hey–if you have them or you got yourself a pair, more power to you, but I happen to be the President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, so I can better relate to women with a more athletic than bodacious frame.


Tuesday Inspiration: Leigh Brandt

Leigh Brandt doesn’t believe in a day of rest–she does some form of cardio 7 days/week and weight training 5 – 6 days per week. She’s got a bod that I think all men should see when they say “women shouldn’t do weight training, stick to cardio to get fit.”So wrong. Leigh was on the cover of Inside Fitness for the Hot & Fit 100 issue in 2011. On top of being one of my fitness inspirations, she’s a Canuck, hailing from Coquitlam, B.C.