The Day of The Competition Checklist

Things to remember the week of the competition:

1. Get dark. Really dark.
2. Confirm any hair/makeup/tanning appointments.

Things to remember the night before:

1. Pack shoes, suit, and accessories 
2. Pack dumbbells and exercise bands
3. Pack make-up, hair styling tools, and hair products
4. Pack a robe/track suit and flip flops for backstage
5. Pack Bikini Bite, double-sided tape, oil, etc.
6. Manicure/Pedicure
7. Shave/tweeze any remaining unsightly hair
8. Pack a few small snacks for in-between the morning and evening programmes
9. Get to registration and the athlete’s meeting
10. Make sure to get your coach/partner a backstage pass

The morning of:

1. Don’t eat or drink. Seriously.
2. Pop a caffeine pill.
3. If you do your own hair: choose a style that you can successfully achieve on the fly.
4. Give yourself lots of time to do your make-up and hair.
5. Double-check that you have followed the night-before to-do list.


1. Make your skin sparkle. Attend any tanning/oiling sessions you have booked or DIY.
2. Bikini Bite your suit to your body.
3. Do your pre-stage pump: use your dumbbells and exercise bands to get that post-workout glow before you strut your stuff.
4. Make friends. 🙂 You’ve all come a long way and done a lot of work.