High Intensity Interval Training: Better than Lipo

It may not seem like a lot, but when your body fat percentage is low to begin with, losing 5 lbs takes a lot of work! I’ve been doing HIIT training and it has been working like a charm. In between each set of weight training, I do one minute of really intense, all-out cardio. 

Some benefits of HIIT are outlined in Shape Magazine, they include: increased metabolism, fat loss and muscle gains, results in less time–just to name a few.

I like doing HIIT because I find that my 50 minute workouts fly by and I actually feel like I challenged my body by the end of the session. 

Try this: include one minute of vigorous jumping jacks or jumping rope in between each set during your next workout. If one minute is too much, start at 30 seconds.



Start Your Day With [Fasted] Cardio

My trainer recommended I do 30 – 45 minutes of fasted cardio every morning to help burn fat. The idea behind doing a moderate cardio exercise before you’ve eaten anything is that you won’t be using the new food energy you’ve consumed, you will be using stored energy (i.e., fat). I’m going to give it a whirl–I did a 35 minute walk downtown; the sun is shining and I was up early anyhow. I really wish I was someone who could spring out of bed at 5:30 am, but for me 7:30 was early enough.

This Morning’s Workout

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and did cardio and abs this morning. 15 minutes on the stairmaster (I was hoping to hit a spin class, but I had written down the wrong time in my calendar), 3 sets of plank (30 secs); 3 sets of side plank (30 secs); 3 sets of 15 full sit ups, using the ball; 3 sets of 10 woodchoppers with a 7lb medicine ball; 1 set of 20 oblique curls; back to the ellyptical for 10 minutes. Back to the gym tonight for arms. Post-workout meal of cottage cheese (I had some high fibre cereal before I left this morning).

I felt like my back was really tight this morning. I’m noticing a difference since cutting down smoking (yes, I’m a smoker right now, but that too will be a thing of the past).


Spin Class

I felt great at spin class today! I was able to keep up and I really pushed during the sprints; after an hour, I was drenched and feeling like a pro.

Tomorrow I’ll do a weight lifting session and then back to cardio on Friday.