This Morning’s Workout

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and did cardio and abs this morning. 15 minutes on the stairmaster (I was hoping to hit a spin class, but I had written down the wrong time in my calendar), 3 sets of plank (30 secs); 3 sets of side plank (30 secs); 3 sets of 15 full sit ups, using the ball; 3 sets of 10 woodchoppers with a 7lb medicine ball; 1 set of 20 oblique curls; back to the ellyptical for 10 minutes. Back to the gym tonight for arms. Post-workout meal of cottage cheese (I had some high fibre cereal before I left this morning).

I felt like my back was really tight this morning. I’m noticing a difference since cutting down smoking (yes, I’m a smoker right now, but that too will be a thing of the past).