Jennifer Sygo: Fruit for thought

I just read a blogger’s journey into a 30-day raw food diet; his diet for that month was full of fruit. For breakfast, he would have up to 3 or 4 bananas! There were snacks where he had 2 apples, some berries, a mango, and some other type of fruit. He reported to change to his blood-sugar levels. It is important to keep in mind that an ideal raw food pyramid is leafy-greens occupying the bottom of the pyramid and fruit being closer to the top of the pyramid. I still think to curb a sweet tooth, fruit is the best choice.

National Post | Life

If you packed someone’s lunch this morning, there’s a pretty good chance that you added an apple or popped in a peach to make the most of this season’s best fruit fly fodder. Makes sense, yet in a nutrition world where no food is entirely safe from scrutiny, you might have heard rumours that eating fruit does us more harm than good. Fruit, it is argued, is a sugary food that can be fattening, sending us on a blood sugar roller coaster that is both uncomfortable and unhealthy. And that’s not to mention the fructose, one of the more prevalent sugars in fruit, which may play a disproportionately significant role in the development of fatty livers and elevated triglycerides, the latter of which is a risk factor for heart disease.

First, the bad news for fruit: Despite earlier studies suggesting that fruit is protective against cancers, more recent research suggests…

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