UPDATED: Good News On the Homefront

The last 6-weeks has been really stressful: my training for a competition got completely put on hold (the competition is next week, I am still 3 months away from being anywhere close to competition ready); my partner was only working part-time; I was working two jobs.; and the custody case has put us further into debt and there is no end in sight. [Editor’s note: so as not to offend concerned parties, this post has been edited as of June 26, 2013.]

I feel like we’re out of the shit now. My partner just got a better-paying, full-time gig, at a construction company; we are now covered under my work benefits policy; we started playing slo-pitch every Sunday and it is so great to be able to spend some care-free time together; and I’m finally getting back to the body I want and deserve (see previous post).

All of the trials and all of the struggle have made my partner and I very connected; we truly depend on one-another for support–as down and out as we have been feeling, we have never been stronger as a couple.

I feel so strong on a personal-level for the first time; I find myself confidently telling people about my family–he’s not just my boyfriend and he’s not just my stepson, that’s my family; I feel good about extended family get-togethers; I’m excited for my extended family to get to know my new life and the people with whom I’m sharing it and have made it possible.

I’ll be honest with you: being an excellent partner and mother* are now my top priorities. Making a comfortable and happy home for my family is right up there, too. Yes, it sounds traditional and maybe a little boring, but I’ve never felt so excited.

[*the term “mother” is in reference to my future status, regarding currently unborn children. I believe my role in our blended family is to support my partner in his parenting efforts and hopefully form a unique bond with his boy–whom I love sincerely and without apology. This was in no way a dig toward my stepson’s mother or her family; if it was construed as such, please accept my apologies. Hopefully this clarifies my position to any concerned parties.]

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