Alzheimer’s disease triggered by stress hormone buildup: U.S. study

More on Cortisol’s damaging effects…


High Intensity Interval Training: Better than Lipo

It may not seem like a lot, but when your body fat percentage is low to begin with, losing 5 lbs takes a lot of work! I’ve been doing HIIT training and it has been working like a charm. In between each set of weight training, I do one minute of really intense, all-out cardio. 

Some benefits of HIIT are outlined in Shape Magazine, they include: increased metabolism, fat loss and muscle gains, results in less time–just to name a few.

I like doing HIIT because I find that my 50 minute workouts fly by and I actually feel like I challenged my body by the end of the session. 

Try this: include one minute of vigorous jumping jacks or jumping rope in between each set during your next workout. If one minute is too much, start at 30 seconds.


Workout #8

Just wanted to report that I’m killing it in the gym at lunch time. I’m feeling amazing and I’m so glad that I have made the effort in the past two weeks to commit to this plan of action. No results on the scale just yet and no results as far as how my clothing is fitting, but BIG results in moods being boosted and stress reduction. 

UPDATED: Good News On the Homefront

The last 6-weeks has been really stressful: my training for a competition got completely put on hold (the competition is next week, I am still 3 months away from being anywhere close to competition ready); my partner was only working part-time; I was working two jobs.; and the custody case has put us further into debt and there is no end in sight. [Editor’s note: so as not to offend concerned parties, this post has been edited as of June 26, 2013.]

I feel like we’re out of the shit now. My partner just got a better-paying, full-time gig, at a construction company; we are now covered under my work benefits policy; we started playing slo-pitch every Sunday and it is so great to be able to spend some care-free time together; and I’m finally getting back to the body I want and deserve (see previous post).

All of the trials and all of the struggle have made my partner and I very connected; we truly depend on one-another for support–as down and out as we have been feeling, we have never been stronger as a couple.

I feel so strong on a personal-level for the first time; I find myself confidently telling people about my family–he’s not just my boyfriend and he’s not just my stepson, that’s my family; I feel good about extended family get-togethers; I’m excited for my extended family to get to know my new life and the people with whom I’m sharing it and have made it possible.

I’ll be honest with you: being an excellent partner and mother* are now my top priorities. Making a comfortable and happy home for my family is right up there, too. Yes, it sounds traditional and maybe a little boring, but I’ve never felt so excited.

[*the term “mother” is in reference to my future status, regarding currently unborn children. I believe my role in our blended family is to support my partner in his parenting efforts and hopefully form a unique bond with his boy–whom I love sincerely and without apology. This was in no way a dig toward my stepson’s mother or her family; if it was construed as such, please accept my apologies. Hopefully this clarifies my position to any concerned parties.]

5 Lunches and Counting

I got really smart last Friday. “Self,” I said, “if you’re too tired to go to the gym by the time you get home, why wait until you get home to go to the gym?”

I joined the 24 hour gym next to my work. Yes, it’s another $40/month, on top of the family gym pass I have at the local rec centre, but I’m thinking of it as more of an investment than another expense.

I have gone 5 lunch hours in a row and I’m feeling great! I take my pre-workout at 11:30, then by 12 I’m out of the office and back by 1. I find I don’t hit the 3pm wall–my afternoons are focused and I’m able to be productive all day. My mood has also lifted significantly, overall. I am eating well–I don’t want to undo all my good work.

The other day, I watched as the girls from another department all went out for lunch…at first I was a bit bummed that I hadn’t gotten an invite (I’m a department of one, so it can be a bit solitary)…but then I was actually and genuinely thankful that I didn’t have to consult with anyone and that my plans weren’t derailed in any way; being a lone wolf has its benefits.