The Problem With Training Together

I really like going to the gym with my partner. It motivates me to have him with me; I like being able to make faces at him in the mirrors or have him give my bum a pinch when he walks by. I also like that if I forget a water bottle, I can use his, or if I’m feeling ready to leave and he’s not, I have to stay…

But there’s the problem. At the moment, I feel like that isn’t reciprocated. If he’s ready to leave and I’m not, I tend to give up my last set or last few reps to cater to his needs. This isn’t his fault, it’s mine for not being firm and using it as an excuse to get out of the hardest part of the workout.

I can and do workout alone, perhaps I need to make a point of it during contest prep, so I don’t feel any outside pressures that may diminish my workouts. 

Does anyone else out there have any strategies for working out as a twosome? Or maybe you’ve put the kibosh on bringing that special someone along to the gym? 

3 thoughts on “The Problem With Training Together

  1. Sounds exactly like something id do, tho current bf and I workout separately bc we have different interests. id try laying out your workout plans ahead of time to him, so you know he knows what you need to do that day when he agrees to go with you. hanging out at most gyms for 20 minutes shouldn’t be a big deal… If hes really -done- he could always shower, go in the sauna, stretch, snack, go on a treadmill at 2.0 just to watch tv…. maybe you need to tell yourself youre using “being a good girlfriend” as an excuse to yourself to be lazy and not have to do that last set! 🙂

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