10 Weeks Out

June 15th, the GNC Ottawa Classic…Bikini Tall, here I come (again)!

I’m in the process of creating my 10-week fitness/nutrition plan that will take me to #1. This is a qualifier, folks, I WILL be at the championship in November.

Things I learned from the last competition:

1. Cut carbs and calories sooner (like…now)
2. Cut sodium–water retension is a killer 
3. More abs. More abs. More abs.
4. More cardio. 
5. Heavier squats. Heavier lunges.
6. Better prep for the day (see next post for the full list)
7. Tan darker and oil up, baby.
8. Don’t eat or drink. At all. Until the competition is completely over. 
9. Posing coaching is key. Make sure you make time and set aside money for it.

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