I’m Back!

Wow–it has been so long since I posted. 

What has happened since my last post…

I’ve moved! I’m out of my parents’ basement and into a love nest with my better-half (and his son, when we have him). 

I have been eating like a monster and NOT working out. 

I have a new job at a marketing and promotions agency. Just part-time, but in addition to tending bar, I’m making ends meet.

Why did I choose today to post?

I went to the gym! And it felt great. Monday I start a group weight training class and I’ve signed up for TRX session with my local GoodLife. For my birthday, I treated myself to a hot yoga class at Moksha on the Danforth (awesome!) and with my birthday money, I purchased the aforementioned classes. 

I’m not really much larger than I was, but my clothes are (unfortunately) fitting not quite as nicely and I don’t feel as energized lately. I miss the way my clothes look and the way I feel, so I think I’m finally ready. It’s so much easier to eat healthy now that I have my own kitchen and can control what is in the pantry–so in that respect, I haven’t done too bad…but it’s the place I bartend that is killing me…the wings are too available, the fried foods too plentiful, and my self-control non-existent. 

However, today I feel great and I’ve been good to myself. Small victories. 🙂


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