Double-Dog Dares

My partner and I are trying to motivate each-other through a little friendly competition:

The person that loses 10lbs first gets to treat themselves to an indulgence of their choice–a new pair of shoes, new jeans, fancy haircut, etc.

I’m at 153.8 lbs–my heaviest in awhile, in fact, I’m about 10 lbs away from my usual weight. 

My reward will probably be an eyebrow threading and a hair colour (at a salon, not the DIY kits I usually buy). 


Victory on-the-go

Also: I brought a protein bar and an apple to work for my dinner on Saturday night. I win!

Group Training, Day 1

The trainer I’ve worked with for the past three years offers group weight training classes; today was day one.

The program was enough that I feel like I put in work, but I was able to complete every rep and set. I feel great!

A1: dumbbell split squats; chin-ups

4 x 8 – 10 x 30 secs

A2: bent leg deadlifts; narrow grip push-ups

4 x 8 – 10 x 30 secs

Can’t wait for next Monday!

I’m Back!

Wow–it has been so long since I posted. 

What has happened since my last post…

I’ve moved! I’m out of my parents’ basement and into a love nest with my better-half (and his son, when we have him). 

I have been eating like a monster and NOT working out. 

I have a new job at a marketing and promotions agency. Just part-time, but in addition to tending bar, I’m making ends meet.

Why did I choose today to post?

I went to the gym! And it felt great. Monday I start a group weight training class and I’ve signed up for TRX session with my local GoodLife. For my birthday, I treated myself to a hot yoga class at Moksha on the Danforth (awesome!) and with my birthday money, I purchased the aforementioned classes. 

I’m not really much larger than I was, but my clothes are (unfortunately) fitting not quite as nicely and I don’t feel as energized lately. I miss the way my clothes look and the way I feel, so I think I’m finally ready. It’s so much easier to eat healthy now that I have my own kitchen and can control what is in the pantry–so in that respect, I haven’t done too bad…but it’s the place I bartend that is killing me…the wings are too available, the fried foods too plentiful, and my self-control non-existent. 

However, today I feel great and I’ve been good to myself. Small victories. 🙂