Veni, vidi, vici…sort of…

Yesterday was the big competition; I didn’t place, but I feel I had a competitive physique. I was very nervous my first time on stage and I feel it affected my score.

For next time:
Tan darker!! I was tanned, but I needed to go a few shades more.

Oil up.

Bikini bite!

Elastic bands and weights backstage.

I think I would definitely do extensions so my hair is mid-back; also I’d spring for a professional stylist.

Practice stage presence and posing, more regularly.

Diet stricter starting at 8 weeks.

I feel my abs were a weak spot for me, so I’m really going to pound them.

My bum was great; I think I’m going to lift heavier and get even more bum going on than I have now. Make my posterior chain undeniably THE best (I felt it was my best asset).


I met a lot of great girls and guys yesterday; people were very sweet and helpful. Thanks to the gal who put my eyelashes on for me! Congratulations to everyone who placed and moves on to the provincials!

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