What Now?

I’ve decided to compete in Spring, Summer, and Fall next year: nearly a full year of being competition ready. It’s going to be a huge challenge, but I think it will ultimately be very rewarding.

For now, though, I’m going to get back into my gym routine (still going 5 – 6 days/week), 80/20 split when it comes to eating (80% clean, nutritious food; 20% wiggle room to ingest things like red wine, bread, and potatoes), and finding new ways to get out of the gym and have fun!

I am also starting to work on my own fitness and personal development company! I’m aiming for a January 2013 launch, but it depends on my ability to get my poop in a group. It will be a great opportunity to share my love of fitness with others and hopefully make a positive impact along the way.

It’s a bit weird, not having to rush around to the gym a couple times a day, not worrying about whether or not I can eat carbs, and to be able to let my skin resume being near-translucent. I feel a little bit of shell-shock from all the down-time I now have. I hope that this and my bizarre food cravings will dissipate by the end of the week.



Veni, vidi, vici…sort of…

Yesterday was the big competition; I didn’t place, but I feel I had a competitive physique. I was very nervous my first time on stage and I feel it affected my score.

For next time:
Tan darker!! I was tanned, but I needed to go a few shades more.

Oil up.

Bikini bite!

Elastic bands and weights backstage.

I think I would definitely do extensions so my hair is mid-back; also I’d spring for a professional stylist.

Practice stage presence and posing, more regularly.

Diet stricter starting at 8 weeks.

I feel my abs were a weak spot for me, so I’m really going to pound them.

My bum was great; I think I’m going to lift heavier and get even more bum going on than I have now. Make my posterior chain undeniably THE best (I felt it was my best asset).


I met a lot of great girls and guys yesterday; people were very sweet and helpful. Thanks to the gal who put my eyelashes on for me! Congratulations to everyone who placed and moves on to the provincials!

On The Go Fitness

My friend KC sent me a text today of this pic… thank you for inspiring this blog!

Before I get into the fact that girls need not be afraid of the heavy, or even light weights in the gym, let’s clear up this picture… The woman on the left is posing specifically to show off the most muscle she can, has carb loaded to bulk up her muscles, has dehydrated herself for vascularity and has just done a bunch of exercises to help swell the muscles by bringing blood to them or getting a “pump”. The girl on the right is obviously not posing to show her muscle, has more water in her and has probably just dieted down for 3 weeks (at least) to look smaller for the photo shoot. Ok, so obviously neither of these pictures represent what these women look like in their day-to-day lives.

But let’s…

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WonderWoman Lives!


I picked up my suit today…and it’s amazing! It turned out even better than I could have imagined.

I got it from Seductions in Oshawa, ON. The price was $230, which is comparable to other custom swimwear places and the service was hands-down unbeatable. The owner has made her fair share of competitive bikinis and suits, so she has a lot of great advice and has a creative flare (did not look at me cock-eyed when I said I wanted to feel like and look like WonderWoman).



Inspiration: Belinda Kim


Belinda Kim is a WBFF champ, trainer, coach, and business owner. She will likely be featured in Inside Fitness Magazine’s Hot & Fit 100 issue this year and I will be competing with her at the Winston Invitational on October 20th!

It was actually a very sheepish moment–I approached Belinda about some posing and walking coaching sessions…and she said good luck, but that she wouldn’t have time, because she is prepping for the same competition! Small world.