Fitness Adventure: Tristar MMA gym, Montreal PQ

Today, my partner and I drove into Montreal; we had a private jiu jitsu lesson with Alex “The Nightmare” Garcia at Tristar Gym (the very gym where a certain George St. Pierre trains). He gave us a really thorough, patiently executed, fun class. I sat back and let the boys roll at the end (not wanting to incur any unnecessary bruises, pre-competition), but it was definitely a great way to spend an hour while in Montreal. We’re going back tomorrow for a muay thai class and a jiu jitsu group class.

The private class cost us $146 in total–that includes instruction for both of us and a day pass at the gym (full use of the facilities and any group classes included). I think it was a really unique experience and totally worth the dosh.

Alex was really welcoming; he had a great sense of humour (I’m very new to jiu jitsu, so laughter is requisite) and he answered all queries patiently, as well as taking the time to correct form and execution for each move. Really, a great teacher.

It’s nice to get away, but to still feel active and on-track; we’ve packed all sorts of healthy snacks, all my supplements and vitamins, and brought all of our running gear so we can tour the city on foot tomorrow morning. We may or may not be renting a tandem bicycle on Friday morning–it will go nicely with our tinfoil hats.

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