Fear > Drive?

This week brought me a little disappointment; on Monday, my new trainer and I had our first session. It was good–I felt that he was confident and his game plan was in alignment with my expectations. However, I was bummed out that there wasn’t a formal follow-up email to our session and even more disheartened when he cancelled our session for today.

It’s tough–I want to be forgiving and understanding–life happens! But, at the same time, I’ve been so used to working with a trainer that is crazy about follow-up and documentation and has NEVER missed a session that I’m thinking this relationship has started out on the wrong-foot. And part of me wants to be flexible, as mentioned, but the other part of me sees the clock ticking and the first-place going to the person who had a trainer that showed up without fail.

That is not to say that my success is based solely on his performance; I know I am the one who will ultimately do the work and reap the benefits, but having a trainer that is highly invested in my success is obviously important–this week has made me doubt his commitment. I’m literally breaking the bank to be able to afford his services–my

When I asked my partner what I should do, he said I should treat it like a relationship:

“If you expect to be treated differently, you have to speak up. He isn’t able to read your mind and he can’t make things right if you don’t tell him what is wrong. Once you’ve had that conversation, it’s on him to deliver or it’s the time when you both agree that perhaps the commitment isn’t there or the expectations are too high–if that’s the case, break up with him.”

Are my fears of confrontation and being disliked bigger than my drive for success? I suppose that’s a question that I’ll have to answer on Friday, when I meet with my trainer again.

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