Muay Thai Goodness

I just did my fourth Muay Thai class…I love it! This week we partnered up, strapped on some pads and smacked each other around. It was great to really be able to throw the punch, rather than just going through the motions. I feel great with my cross, but I’m like a kitten with my jabs and you can forget about being able to kick and not fall on my ass at least 90% of the time. In the not-so-distant future, I’ll be putting up a heavy bag in the basement so I can practice at home. It’s totally exhilarating and the so-called warm-up is the equivalent of boot camp, if not worse. Below is an example of the warm-ups we do:

50 Jumping Jacks
10 Push Ups

Walking on tip toe (30 secs)

Jogging (1 min)
Jogging, high knees (30 secs)
Jogging, kickback (30 secs)
Jogging, high knees (15 secs)
Jogging, kickback (15 secs)
Jogging (30 secs)
Sprints (1 min)
Walking (30 secs)
Sprints (1 min)
Walking (30 secs)
Sprints (1 min)
Walking (30 secs)
Sprints (1 min)
Walking (30 secs)

10 squats
10 burpees
10 V-sits

9 squats
9 burpees
9 V-sits

8 squats
8 burpees
8 V-sits

7 squats
7 burpees
7 V-sits

6 squats
6 burpees
6 V-sits

5 squats
5 burpees
5 V-sits

4 squats
4 burpees
4 V-sits

3 squats
3 burpees
3 V-sits

2 squats
2 burpees
2 V-sits

1 squat
1 burpee
1 V-sit


October 20th – Judgement Day!

So, that’s it…after all my big talk for the last year, I’ve decided to finally do it. I have found a fitness competition in my hometown and I will be registering to compete in the Bikini Tall category; I don’t plan on just competing, I plan on winning. Competition is October 20th, which gives me just over 2 months to get into top form.

Out of the Gym, Into the World

I’m so bored of the gym right now; the weather is too nice, the sun too sunny. Here are some things I’ve been up to, beating the monotony of the gym:

Sunday I did an outdoor bootcamp at the beach. It was only $10 and it was a fabulous workout! The trainer had us doing frog hops, squats, jump squats, lunges, jump lunges, Russian twists, mountain climbers, push-ups, triceps dips, bicycles, inch worms, and burpees. It was hellish, but my posterior chain was definitely feeling it the next day. It was the kind of workout I wouldn’t have opted for on my own.

Monday I tried Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu–awesome! Before you can even step on the mats, you have to do a workout; then we covered some basic techniques…then we rolled! I was paired up with a male friend of mine, which was good for me, bad for him. It was a different sort of workout because I’m not used to pushing that kind of weight around.

I’ve also been going for a lot of long bike rides and incorporating sprints into the ride; pushing hard up-hill, too. The bike rides have been an amazing way of sneaking in cardio, which for me is my biggest challenge (next to making wise food choices).

I’ve made a point of walking around town whenever possible, making some trips to the beach, and trying to be generally on-the-go. It feels good to get away from the weights and trying new things.

New Gym, New Plan

I started at a new gym recently; I can’t help but feel I need to break old habits and set new goals. It must be something about the change in environment, but I feel super motivated. I’m going to absolutely destroy myself with today’s workout:

Set A (x4)

Straight Leg Deadlifts x 6
Bent Leg Deadlifts x 12
Bodyweight Squats x 24
(2 minutes of rest)
Chin Ups x 6 – 8

Set B (x4)

Stationary Deep DB Split Squats 8 – 10
(1 minute of rest)
Push Ups 12 – 15

Also, I’m going for a 45 minute bike ride right after my work out, while drinking a protein shake…how meathead is that? Very!