Stress Factor

So I’ve been under a lot of stress lately; I’ve noticed that I’m carrying more weight around my middle than usual, likely as a result of increased cortisol production. Getting r&r whenever I can, but things are moving along at an overwhelming speed and it’s really been hard to take everything with a grain of salt.

I’ve been busting my hump about 60 hours per week, at two jobs (at least one of which I feel is killing my soul), and I’m still not able to make ends meet. I’m also sabotaging myself by making stupid purchases I know I can’t afford; it’s a psychological thing though–I tell myself I work hard and I deserve to treat myself, but then I’m forever playing catch up because of that treat. Sigh. I’m also moving at the end of June and trying to get those details hammered out. Did I mention I’m also developing grad school applications/thesis? And apparently I’ve been a huge bitch lately, so my gentleman friend has been given a run for his money.

I’m will stay positive..these are all character-building experiences that I will surely laugh about or be pleased I overcame in future.

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