Simple. Available. Clean.

I was thinking about my diet yesterday; I went through my food journal and I was surprised at the number of treats I allow myself to have. There is always a few nibbles of baked goods from work, a slice of pizza from the bar, or a drink on a Friday night. These empty calories are adding up, so it’s time to get serious about self discipline, motivation, and making the choices that will get me closer to my health and fitness goals.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time reading the advice of bikini competitors and I definitely see a pattern: Keep It Simple; Keep It Available; Keep It Clean. If I’m going to get to the 12% body fat,I need to get tough on my cravings and indulgences.

Last night, in preparation for this week, I packed 3 days worth of food into individual lunch bags, each bag has my first 4 meals of the day, leaving me to have another meal or two on my own in the evenings.I need to devote more time into prepping meals in advance; because I’m lazy, I’ll be eating a lot of canned tuna, hardboiled eggs, nuts, Greek yogurt, and protein powder smoothies. My mantra has to be “Keep It Simple; Keep It Available; Keep It Clean.”

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