Steps Into Miles

It’s so cliche, but it’s absolutely true: every little bit counts.

I tend to get frustrated and I will make excuses as to why I ate THE worst food choice at a restaurant or why I couldn’t make it to the gym; my favourite excuse is “Well, it’s just one meal” or “It’s just one workout.” In a sense, I’m right–one cheat meal or one skipped workout isn’t going to turn me into a 500lb couch potato. I’m also wrong–the culmination of cheat meals or workouts is really what the results will look like. Conversely, if I am wise with my food choices and diligent about getting myself to a gym, those singular meals and those individual workouts will add up to my body being in top form. And yes, I’m sure these are common sense ideas, but I also find it encouraging that a healthy lifestyle is not rocket science–it’s getting back to basics.

In just three weeks, I can already tell that I’m trimmer, more toned, and my mood has improved drastically. I’m starting to see results.

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