Goals for May

With a new month just around the corner, I think I need to set some short-term goals to further my progress. I’ve made a lot of progress in a short time and have really been working hard to stay true to my long-term goals.

Goals for May:

1. 30 Mins of Cardio (3x/week)

2. Weight Training (5x/week)

3. BCAAs every workout

4. Fish oils at every meal

5. Daily Multivitamin

These are all things that I’m already doing, but need to do in a more regimented, consistent way.

If I do all 5 of these things, I will see amazing results by June. To celebrate my commitment to making these goals a part of my fit lifestyle, I will treat myself to a new summer dress. If I am unable to commit to making these goals happen, then I will donate $50 to the Whitby Rotary Club.

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